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Guhl Table

Guhl Table

Design by Willy Guhl for Eternit

Just like with the Guhl Chair, this table’s design uses a fibre cement board connected at its ends to form a continuous loop. Guhl designed this table more than 40 years after the Loop Chair, whilst he was redesigning his classic piece. clever feature: the round openings in the top can be used to hold bottles. Suitable for use as a side table. Suitable as a side table.


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Designer: Willy Guhl (CH)

This product is hand molded and signed.

Fibre cement coated with colour and a light mineral texture

natural grey


  • Weather resistant
  • Sustainable
  • durable


Product care

Dirt, moss and algae can be removed using a non-scratching sponge with a mixture of water and vinegar. To maintain a uniform colour, always clean the entire surface.