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Custom Line

Custom Line

Tailor-made planters

When your designs need to fit into a particular space, whether that’s in a garden or other outdoor space, planters may need to have custom sizes and dimensions to meet your needs. For this reason, Eternit created Custom Line to deliver made-to-measure planters. to deliver made-to-measure planters.

These tailor-made planters are suitable for decorating gardens, terraces and outdoor spaces,

as well as for use in unique overall designs as sophisticated privacy screens or room dividers.

Custom Line planters are made from Eternit fibre cement panels which have been made-to-measure following a customer’s requirements. The planters can be up to 2.5 m long and up to 1.25 m tall.

These personalised items can also take advantage of Eternit’s custom colouring options, which cover a large selection of RAL and NCS colours.

Colours can be selected from Eternit’s own palettes – the Expression Colour and Natural Colour ranges – and special requests for colours are also possible. Retailers in your area will be happy to give you advice and arrange for supply.