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Eternit Garden & Design

Natural materials. High stability. Hand crafted.

Eternit’s collection of garden and design products started back in 1912 with the legendary Eternit flower box – the first planter to be made from fibre cement. Fibre cement’s weather resistance, durability and high level of stability make it the perfect material for outdoor use. In the 1950s, Swiss interior architect and furniture designer Willy Guhl created the Loop Chair, which is now regarded as one of the great design classics. Ever since then, other designers have also discovered fibre cement and explored its malleability for themselves.

Eternit’s unique Garden and Design Collections is the result of all these designers’ work.


Customisation is also available.

Custom Made

Do you have your own ideas for a product?

Fibre cement’s malleability creates endless possibilities for producing unique products – from planters and furniture, to lighting and other objects. Whether for interiors, gardens or other spaces, we support designers and planners in realising their vision. From the initial planning stage all the way to production.

Custom Line

Do you need custom-sized planters?

It’s important to have a harmonious interaction between interior and exterior design, and size plays a decisive role in this. Rectangular Custom Line planters can be produced using custom-size fibre cement panels to meet your personal requirements. Tailor-made, if you will!

Custom Color

Are you looking for the perfect color for your planters?

Colors are beautiful elements in design, and also serve an important purpose as part of your company’s branding. We offer a large selection of various RAL and NCR colors so that you can create perfect color accents when designing gardens, terraces and other outdoor spaces.

Our manufacturing.

Hand crafted.

Eternit (Schweiz) AG has a long history working in design. Ever since the 1950s, we’ve been hand-making planters and design objects at our factory using fibre cement. We create truly unique pieces in collaboration with designers.